Monday, June 24, 2013

To my beloved Michael,

I miss you so much nothing is the same without you . You meant everything to me you was my world you was my rock .You was a wonderful amazing loving caring person . You had a wonderful heart you had a heart of gold even though you didn't know us your fans personal but you gave us so much loved you gave the world so much loved. I loved you since i was five years old it was my dream to meet you but that got taken away the day you left us. I wanted to give you a big cuddle and thank you for everything you help me so much in my life you got me though all my really dark days . You was my comfort blanket you wipe my tears when i was sad i lesson to your wonderful voice and you made me happy. Loving you made me so happy you made me the happiest girl alive . Every time i saw you on the tv i always got so excited i used to cry happy tears. You was magical Michael. I miss everything about you your eyes had so much love and sadness in them your smile lit up the room.

 You brought so much joy to my life .There was nothing i wanted more than to meet you and gave you a big cuddle and to thank you for everything i couldn't got though my dark years without you . I wish i could of been there for you and help you though your pain you was a good person i wanted to take you by the hand and look after you . I love you so much Michael i am so sorry for all the pain you suffered. I loved you like a dad i even wanted to ask you if you  would be my dad. You was the best father in the whole world. I feel so empty without you my bright star has gone the light has gone out . I don't have the words to tell you how much i truly loved you my heart has the words. I don't ever want to lose you Michael i hope you can stay with me forever. I wont ever stop loving you my heart belongs to you forever i will carry you forever closely in my heart. The day i lost you apart of me died with you i never saw that heartbreaking day coming i really thought you would stay with us forever . My heart broke in to a million  pieces the day i lost you my world come crashing down it fell apart . I had so much i wanted to tell you so much to thank you for. You gave me so much hope you was my dream . I am so proud of you i am so proud that you was my idol you was the best the most lovable person in the world i was so lucky to have you as a part of my life. You was a true angel Michael a true gift sent from god. When god sent you down he sent an angel down you made so many people around the world so happy. When god took you back he broke so many hearts. I still cant believe you are no longer here i still cry over you . I will never love anyone like i love you again . I miss you so much sweetheart i hope you are happy now in heaven hope your smiling so brightly.

Your are a star in the sky now you have your wings . I wish you all the happiness in the world. I will never forget you i will love you forever Michael.

Forever in my heart i love you so much Darling i miss you everyday . Sleep tight darling Michael please always remember that you are always will be loved down here on earth . Please please  never leave me Michael . Stay safe honey.

All my love,

Christina Baldry. 

I love you with my heart michael love you millons . 
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxL.O.V.E xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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