Friday, March 30, 2012

Danke Michael
daß Du mich gefunden hast und danke für alles was Du mir gibst
I Love you forever

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Dear Michael,

Thank you for everything you did to make this world a better place. I will always love you and remember you as one of the wisest and kindest among humans. Love you more for each year. 


******* FRANCE *******P.D.C.

Michaël était tellement fragile, tendre et sensible à toutes les choses de la vie !!! Il était d'une gentillesse extrême dont beaucoup en on profité. Jamais plus nous ne retrouveront un être aussi digne et honorable que lui. Il n'a pas hésité donner  des sommes faramineuses  sans rien attendre par retour qu'un sourir  aux associations et aider parfois même anonymement. Il voulait partager et offrir en toute simplicité du coeur, des moments de joies qu'il n'avait jamais eu dans son enfance avec les enfants. Pour lui, il voyait Dieu sur le visage des enfants . - Aussi,
Il adorait ses enfants et sa maman et avait tant de projets pour son publique...  Impossible qu'il se soit suicidé tel que ce fameux Conrad  Murray prétend. Le monde des médias avident de presse à scandale le lui ont pourris la vie et les orduriers de bas étage qui ont sali l'intégrité de Michaël pour le fric sont de véritables hontes et méritent les pires ennuis dans leur vie ! Heureusement la vraie justice en ce monde, c'est que ces sales individus partiront les pieds devant, les poches cousues et leur conscience malsaine avec.

Michaël, ne méritait pas toutes ces injustices... Et il est parti avec tout cela sur le coeur  alors qu'il a tant donné de lui même au monde entier... Quelle tristesse !!! Et de cela je ne m'en remettrais jamais !!!!!! Non seulement il était un artiste de très haut niveau, mais c'était un homme digne de ce nom avec tout le respect qui lui revient de droit et l' honneur . - Michaël a tellement donné, a tellement été injustement critiqué, a tellement souffert en silence sans le faire voir à son publique !!! Alors, c'est notre devoir de  respectez au moins avec une grande humilité tout ce que Michaël Jackson nous laisse ! On doit le faire  pour lui à juste titre. -  la profondeur de ses chansons, sa voix, sa gentillesse, son tout raisonnent dans les coeurs… Nous prions pour lui et nous l’aimerons jusqu’à le nuit des temps…

Michaël représente tout : L’amour; la tendresse; la loyauté; la gentillesse; la bonté; la sincérité; la beauté artistique et dans son coeur Michaël a été et restera toute une éternité dans notre coeur.   

Qu'il repose en paix ! Au revoir Michaël !

Bernadette Flahaut 

United Kingdom

I am sending three roses on June 25th, 2012;  three years since Michael died, so one rose for each year, with my everlasting love.
Nina Hamilton

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Dear Michael,
One rose for every year, that I must live without you. One rose for my pain, one rose for my hope and one rose for my love. I miss you so much and love you endlessly....I´m forever yours,
Maya from Germany

Sunday, March 25, 2012

From Germany ♥

We have this dream...

Your Marion, Ela, Daggi & Kiki


Dear Michael
I miss you and Love you forever .
Rest in Peace my Love...

Sabine V.

"I close my eyes, just to try to see you smile one more time... But it's been so long now all I do is cry..."
Michael, how is it possible that you've been gone this long? Even though it has been so long since you've passed, it seems like yesterday. That moment I heard that you passed away was a life-changing moment for me. It made me realize how short life really is, and we should live life to the fullest. Your talent was something rare, very rare, and had something magical about it. The way you could captivate an audience was amazing. And even though I'm sad that you're gone, I know that you have your wings. I am looking forward to the moment when I can finally meet you in Heaven. But, until then, I will be following in your footsteps: Donating time and money to charities. All my love, my sweet angel. We miss you.
In our darkest hour....In our deepest dispare
you were there
In our happiness and joy......our faith in love
you were there words can express everything I feel because you have so many beautiful things about you there are not enough words that can describe you and the way I feel.
You took a part of me with you when you died. My heart was ripped from my body and the sorrow was so deep...the pain took over my entire mind, body and soul. It hurt so badly that my skin ached. I wanted to run as far as I could so that maybe the feeling pain would stop and I could keep running and make the pain stay behind, it didn't work. Nothing, nothing in my life was making it settle in or disapate. Everyday that passed I shook my head and said "No" this is not's not real...this is not happpening. Its not supposed to be this way...its not time for you to go now. Why? Why? I asked of you...every single night when I talked to you. Why do you have to be gone now.....please make me understand....
As time has passed the pain is still there and I still don't understand but I am dealing with it one day at a time.
Maybe one day will come that others will understand you as I do and send you the L.O.V.E. I know you deserve. God gave you to us, you worked hard while you were here, and someone else took you away but one thing is most will never be forgotten....ever. We will always be here for you and your babies. We are your army of love and we will fight to the end. Please keep watching over us because we need you more than you know. I love you so much my sweet angel!!!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Berlin, Germany

Dear Michael,
Already three years but it seems to me like yesterday. I listen to your music every single day .
You are my inspiration!

You gave me strength when I wasn't strong
You gave me hope when all hope is lost
You opened my eyes when I couldn't see
Love was always here waiting for me

And in all of the confusion,  you are the PEACE in my soul.
Heaven Is Here.
I carry you forever in my heart.
Thank you Michael for giving us so much
I will always love you!
Dear Michael,

No one affects me like you!!

Ariane from Germany

Rome - Italy

From that terrible 25th of June, I thought of you every single day of my life. I MISS YOU SO MUCH and  millions of people around the world who loved and supported you and who love you still, miss you too.
Terrible 3 years have passed and the void you have left is deep.

My sweet ANGEL, you were too pure and good to live on this earth, on this world that has hurt you so much....
Be happy now and from up there SMILE at all of us who are in tears and embrace us....


Carla De Felici

12 Roses on the 3rd year you have been gone from us.  I know how many lives you touched in this world. I wish I could tell you how much you have touched mine, since childhood.  You will always be the light in the dark for me.  You will be missed forever. 

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Love you forever and ever after, Michael

Brenda Jenkyns, Canada

Dear Michael,

I’ve planted a rose in your garden
That grows from the love in my heart.  
As did so many others who love you 
And from whom YOU will never part.
May you always smell the sweetness of roses and know that your fans all over the world miss and love you more.  You are love, and love lives forever.  

Always in my heart!

From Diana Ivanova

From Bulgaria

I am what I am because of you, Mike! Thank you for being my guiding light all my life! Miss you like hell!" 

MJGeorge Nedelchev

Darling Michael.....the best there IS, WAS, or EVER WILL BE! The ONLY ONE!! Love Forever and Always!


Sunday, March 18, 2012

Michael you rock my world, I will never get enough, you are gone too soon and I will always love you more.

Michael,  I carry you in my heart, for all time.  I love you most, my Angel.

From The Netherlands

My dearest Michael, 

These beautiful roses I sent you are just a small gesture to thank you for being one of the helpers on my path! Thank you for being an example; I became a better person because of you. It still hurts me that you had to suffer so much in your life, and I admire the way you kept on going. Thank you for sharing your talent, and most of all your Love. You are forever in my heart! I find it an honour to keep your legacy going on and cannot thank you enough for all the wonderful friends I met through you…..trying to make the world a better place. I look forward to spread your message as long as I live, until once we will meet again ……..



MIchael, I miss you..

Eventhough you´re gone,
You´re still with me !
I see you in every flake of snow that falls
In every grain of sand
And when i go to sleep at night
I hear your voice that calls...
I see your face in the morning sun
and in the moon at night
And when i look up to the sky
i see your star shine bright.
I see your smile in children´s eyes
your love still warms my heart
And though your body left us,
our spirits will never, ever part !
My sweet angel, my lovely one,
for me you are NEVER gone !!!!!
36 months since your children lost their daddy
156 weeks since we lost our King
1095  days since you left us
26250 hours since your heart stopped beating
1576800 minutes  since the most horrible news i have ever heart
94608000  seconds  since my world collapsed
3 years have gone by......and still I cry!!
Another year has gone and I'm still all alone how can this be you're not here with me. You never said goodbye, someone tell me why. Did you have to go and leave my world so cold.

I miss you Michael each and everyday. I will never forgot the impact you have had on my life and the world. You truly are one of a kind and we will never see another one like you. Thank you for everything you gave us, thank you for everything you did and thank you for everything you left us, your music, your inspiration, and most of all your love.

You're in my heart forever and always.

L.O.V.E Kirsty

I'll never let you part for you're always in my heart.
I love you more'.


Saturday, March 17, 2012

Dear Michael, I send you these Roses with all my Love and to say thank you for all that you have given me. For the Love, the many lessons, and for the courage you gave me to go out and find someone to help me with my singing. Your beautiful music, your wonderful dancing. You are Loved and missed so much. You will be in my Heart for ever more. Thank you Michael for being such a Loving person. 

Love Patti

Beloved Michael...

Thank you for your inspiration!
Thank you for your passion!
Thank you for your kindness!
Thank you for giving me hope and faith!
Thank you for your courage!
Thank you for being you!
Thank you for your talent!
Thank you for your music and dance!

You will never be forgotten and always in my heart!

Your Lilli from Germany

Thank you dear Michael; you changed my life to the best. The music I make I make it so much more beautiful and with a deeper intention than before and that is thanks to you. And I am so grateful I do more things to help the children like reading lessons and collect stuff for the less fortunate - thanks to you; and especially your quote "don't be afraid to know who you are - you are much more than you ever imagined" well it means a lot to me and I love you for all that.


Dear Michael, you're in my heart and my mind! I love you for all time!  

your Ilona

Dear Michael, ♥ I'll never let you part, for you're always in my heart. 

your Sybille.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

From The Official Michael Jackson

Dear Michael,

You walked into my heart, back in 1972. Ever since that day, I knew
I'd be in love with you. (Necey)

With the mic in your hand you commanded the stage with a sound we had not yet heard. (NoAnniesNotOKMJ)

The crowds cheered, listening carefully to your golden words. (This Is Thriller28)
With a single touch, your magic.. we felt from head to toe;
it reverberated in our hearts and in our smile it did show. (Nikkikate)

You sang so sweet, and boy when you danced…no other could compete. (Viscera19)

You made all of us smile with your unique and amazing musical style. (MJGodofPop)

Your heart was pure; your music so real, at least that’s the way you made me feel. (mgssoutherngirl4’s brother)

Your music inspired millions; you made the world dance. (denissemjfan)

Fedora, sparkling glove; let’s not forget your tip-toe stance. (Criminally_Smooth)

And nothing could put us more in trance…than your golden pants! (vilamag)

From your youth and ever after, you filled our hearts with joy and laughter. (MJLuv4Ever)

I thought what a precious jewel sent from heaven above. (Azure)

You shared your beautiful smile; you healed the world with love. (sandramtz)

Love, generosity, and grace incarnate; misunderstood, slandered, and used. You rose above the monotony and transcended being accused. (poshlily)

Your open heart you shared with the world, the love you gave was timeless. And every time they tore at you, you chose to answer with kindness. (LillyandGish)

And in a world with no hope…it was found in you. (cynicalgirl)

You still chose to love regardless of what the world had put you through. (P.Y.T.isMe)

You were so humble; you never bragged about your accomplishments. (MJJ♥PYT4Ever)

And in this time of sorrow we also send your family our sentiments. (LuvIsMJ)

Through your voice we heard compassion, compassion that embraced our hearts. (Tambriell_MJ)

You taught the world how to love unconditionally. Maybe that was your true art. (NotSoDirtyDiana)

You have captured my heart and never let it go, I will love you forever...this I think you know. (Himmycat18)

I just hope one day I can join you and we can finally meet; you touched so many lives; in your music we did retreat. (autumn_mist_127)

A hopeful heart wrapped ‘round our earth, your notes took to the sky (lorinelizabeth)

But just trust you are in all of us as we still wonder why? (cheluvmj4evr)
Our hearts are broken; can't believe you are gone, but your spirit, your legend, your music lives on. (Donnamichael)

You’re like magic in the night the stars that shine so bright; one day you were here, the next day out of sight. (mgssoutherngirl4)

You gave to the world your music and love, but you were needed more from up above. (mjfan082958)

You let us feel the peace in your garden of dreams. We touched heaven sitting upon your wings. (Lonely heart)

On earth you "looked to heaven to fulfill a prophecy." Now up above you are finally set free. (MjsmyTeacher)

You loved life, risked love, and kept on loving up until the end. (Dee.Nagao)

You finally made it back to your beloved Neverland. (Michaeru Jakkusan)

Michael you're our supernova...yes! To have lived the same time as you, we are truly blessed. (LuvofMJ)

Your beautiful smile and all your bliss will forever be cherished and truly missed. (slclvn)

You will always be...the most special man in the world to me. (iloveyou.mj)

You danced with flair; you danced with passion and always showed the world your endless compassion. (HannahluvsMJ)

I cannot imagine the time which comes without you and your songs. (janaveronika)

We will never forget you Michael, not in a million years to come. (i♥mj)
I love you more than you'll ever know, my heart is broken because you had to go. (invinciblemj)

Speechless, speechless, that's how you make me feel. Listening to your music, I hear the beating of your heart. (sophie)

And like you said in “Will You Be There,” we will never let you part. (lanore76)
Michael, I never can say goodbye because in my heart you'll never die. (MJJ4LifeFan)

You taught me lessons I once ignored. I feel indebted forever to you sweet Michael, I love you so much more. (celtic7rose)

I cry to sleep to your sweet song; how I wish you were still here. Though your time with us wasn't long, God's presence brings you near. (MY-LUV-4_MICHAEL)

Your beautiful music shined a light from heaven, your compassion out shined the world and at that moment your soul drifted away…(kaluvzmc)

…and left the world so cold. (jayshelle78)

The only words I speak, from when I wake up in the morning until I sleep;
I say Michael I love you...I love you more deep. (Neeldaswani)

Like the angel you are, forever you'll shine bright as the North Star. (JustLove)

The world has suffered a big loss...but you’re still here just looking from afar. (bowlinghallen)

Michael, you're shining brighter than the stars at night, thank you, my miracle man for bringing me back to the light. (annetonie)

Love was your message, smile was your tool. Thank you for showing us the way, thank you for being you. (optimist)

You said heaven could wait, but I guess that it could not.

You will be forever immortalized in my heart. (Mjtruelove)

Our love for you will never die. Maybe one day will come when we do not cry. (mybaby)

As the man in the mirror, you've made us eternally love and admire you. And for that beloved Michael, our love and admiration shall stay forever true. (KinGofPoP411Jnky)

You will dance your dance in the sky and forever be divine. (Annieruokay)

And though you’ll forever be in our hearts, the hurt will heal with time. (MJsWendy)

When you wish upon a star; your dreams can take you near or far. (CassieForMaxwell)

In dreams you lose your heartache and I will keep believing the dream that I wish will come true. (tabea)

I pray that God will hold you close and in His arms enclose you. (smokymountaingirl)

Purity, magic, and majesty; our Michael will always be. Heaven seems much less lonely, knowing your face will be the first face I'll see. (MICHAELforeverMAGIC)

God said "Michael you have done your best for the world and you've done it well, now it's time for you to rest my son; it’s time for your soul to sail. (luvmj4allmylife)

I mourn the death of the one who gave; the loss of the ONE so adored. (MJJmahal)

Michael, it is so empty without you here on the dance floor. (Danielle73)

Even though it hurts we have to live, because we are your army. (Solonoy)

And if we ever made you feel you let us down, Michael we’re so sorry. (KingofPopnLuv)

With tears in our eyes this is how we say goodbye. Your love and spirit will never die. (Lonnie38)

I love you now and I'll love you later, just promise me that you'll return the favor. (4TheLoveofMichael)

I can feel you in the blowing wind, the singing birds and the twinkling stars; your spirit will forever have a place in my heart. (Caroline96)

We're not merely fans, we're followers of truth. For all of our lives we watched someone with proof.
Proof that our souls could soar if we dare to live our imagination, that our hearts could do more if we loved without hesitation. (CarlaMarie)

You will never be forgotten, you'll be in our hearts, minds and dreams; we all have your back....we're all on your team. (aj13)

How do you spell love? Michael Joseph Jackson of course! (Deborah)

We admire our King, and will love him everyday just like he taught us. (Michael 4ever)
Amazing are your talents and honored fans are we, to carry the torch of your life's work for all to behold and see. (Countryrocker)

You were our story hero; you were our friend in times of joy and pain. (PCR)

If tears could build the steps and memories a lane, I would walk right up to heaven
and bring you back home again. (MsKGB)

Every day is a struggle but we're trying to get better. Michael, we'll love you always and I hope you see our letter. (JadeMango)

To the Angels; wrap your wings around him and hold him really tight. (Shirley_gregson)

Take care of our King, we know you will. Bring him into heaven’s light. (AChildsHeart)

So fly away now, the skies are shining; fly away and smile, we will be watching. (The marchioness)

Michael you are love; Michael you are now with Him. (rndream)

The light of your life will continue to illuminate the universe…and never dim. (speechlesslvmj)

LONG LIVE THE KING! (gunverdi)

Your Fans
We Love You Forevermore

Dear Michael,

You are loved by so many and may your legacy live on!


Dear Michael,

I miss you more and more every day. Thank you for everything you continue giving to the world. I'll love you forever. 


Blaue Blume From Germany

In loving Memory of Michael Jackson...from Blaue Blume.

I will never forget you sweet angel. Thank you so much for opening my heart & my eyes...

With undying Love from Germany,
Your Kiki

Munich, Germany

Thank you Michael for all the Love and Inspiration you brought in our lives...We love you more than words can say!

Your fairies

Daggi From Germany

Thank you Michael for giving me so much strength each and every are my king of hearts and I will love you always and forever...!

Your Daggi

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

From Holland

I found myself on the day I found you. I believe we all have one true love and for me its you. I found a home..I found the father I never had in my life...I found happiness...I found myself on the day I found you..I found the love I never had in my life. You took the pain of my childhood away. You showed me that I can trust a man.You showed me the woman inside me.You showed me to smile without tears in my eyes.

I found myself on the day I found you...but on June 25, 2009...I lost myself on the day I lost you.

I miss you. The tears I cry are the words my heart can't say. Your music will live on forever, but its only your voice on a CD. The man is gone to soon..its the man I the man behind the artist Michael Jackson. Thank you for saving my life because if I had not found you I would have killed myself years ago because of all the pain inside me you saved me.

Thank you for the pizza you give to your fans outside the Hempel Hotel in London 2006 . I'll never forget it ...thank you for everything, but I will never say goodbye..I say to you, see you in Heaven.

Much love,
Natascha Hoogland

From Germany

Michael, you are always in my heart and I will always love you!


Sending Love from Around the World