Thursday, March 8, 2012

Brussels; Belgium - Europe


you left a "smooth" mark on my heart,
you left your humble glow around my soul,
and your "all for Love" feeling in my daily awareness.
You will always be a part of me!
I'll carry on to tribute your humanitarian legacy.
And when I'm standing at the end...
please, "whatever happens", do "hold my hand."

Thank you Michael, for your piece of immortal dust you placed unexpected
into my heart to *sparkle*, since June, 25th 2009... missing you more and more.

One beautiful rose... of which I regret not giving it during your lifetime...

Michael, you loved us first
but we love you too... still... MUCH, MORE and MOST.
I'm glad you hit our planet and touched our hearts,
for all the wisdom you taught us.
Be free
Be in peace

Namasté, King of Pop


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