Thursday, March 8, 2012

My Special Reason for Respecting Michael's Memory:

In 2002 Dick Clark hosted a special 50th anniversary

Michael was someone whom I respected a great deal. It was purely evident after I had met him. When I met him, I wasn't in my best condition. I was ill, placid looking, hair short if barely any. I thought maybe I should wear a scarf on my head or a hat, but I thought better of it. I didn't want to hide what was eating away at my life then. I wanted to be me.

I went to Dick Clark's 50th Anniversary Taping as this has been written before. Yet, when Michael saw me, he didn't flinch, turn away, or have "oh I am sorry" look on his face. His eyes met with mine, even through his sunglasses. He knew I was sick. Michael had hugged me without trepidation. Told me, in a whisper in my ear, to go home, rest and take care of myself. Michael truly cared. Here is Michael Jackson, who had business with Dick Clark, was spending a bit more time with me than he should, but Mr. Clark didn't interfere. I was inspired by his thoughtfulness.

Michael made me make a promise to him, that I would go home as soon as I could. I told him I only would "after" I saw him perform. I had told Michael I had never had the money to see him perform, it would mean so much to me. He understood. He said "you made me a promise." I will go home. He was sincerely worried about my health. This honesty, was pure and was the one thing that kept me so dedicated to him. Michael gave me hope that day. Hope that whatever I had to deal with from that day on...I could get through it and it was all I needed.

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