Sunday, March 18, 2012

MIchael, I miss you..

Eventhough you´re gone,
You´re still with me !
I see you in every flake of snow that falls
In every grain of sand
And when i go to sleep at night
I hear your voice that calls...
I see your face in the morning sun
and in the moon at night
And when i look up to the sky
i see your star shine bright.
I see your smile in children´s eyes
your love still warms my heart
And though your body left us,
our spirits will never, ever part !
My sweet angel, my lovely one,
for me you are NEVER gone !!!!!
36 months since your children lost their daddy
156 weeks since we lost our King
1095  days since you left us
26250 hours since your heart stopped beating
1576800 minutes  since the most horrible news i have ever heart
94608000  seconds  since my world collapsed
3 years have gone by......and still I cry!!

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