Wednesday, June 25, 2014


L.O.V.E., Music & Dance,

The Boogie Woman

From J-Town, TN-USA

Michael my sweet angel face,

I love you and I miss you just as much today as I did yesterday and just as much as I will tomorrow<3 

I will continue on with my mission of making sure that you will always be remembered not only for your many amazing talents but also for the beautiful human being that you are<3

You are so Loved by so many Michael and your Love Light will continue to Shine for all time<333

I love you to the moon and back my sweet angel face<3

Missing you more than words could ever say,

From Germany

ONLY YOU - fill my day with joy and love
ONLY YOU - can make me happy if I'm sad
ONLY YOU - make me laugh if I cry
ONLY YOU - showed me how to love
ONLY YOU - showed me the way to live
Through your love, your music, your dance, your beauty inside

Dear Michael, 5 years are gone and the pain is still the same I miss your smile, I miss your laugh
I miss you so much my Angel Thank you for everything you did for me and continue to do
Thank you for being you I wish you were here, I want you back
ONLY YOU could save my heart

Love you most Michael


From Miaoli, Taiwan

Michael, it has been five years since you leave the earth and became an angel. Once you said, "When you want to be close to me, listen to the music. The love is stored there and will not die." I' m totally agree with you and I can strongly feel that way. I remember the first song you touched the bottom of my was Stranger in Moscow. I could really feel the loneliness in it. From then on, I fell in love with every pieces of your music. I was encouraged, inspired and soothed through different songs each time I encounter different condition in my life. Love is always your message, and I know it is our mission to express this message...this spirit, to the whole world from generation to generation... So, now let me pray for you and pray for this planet. May God bless this pure, honest and true will. I miss you every day, especially today, but I know...some day we will meet again. We love you more, MJ.


From Hamburg, Germany

Dear Michael,

You showed my the real meaning of Love.

I love and miss you endlessly.

R.I.P. <3

Dear Michael,

We as your loyal, strong & determined fans, miss you more & more with each passing year.
I will be there to visit you next year, I'm sorry it took so long.
Thank you for your continued entertainment as well as showing me positivity, strength and to always be humble in life.

I love you most Michael!

with L.O.V.E. always, Charlie Pennell.

Carlsbad, CA-USA

To Michael – We’re all remembering and loving you this fifth year, and will remember and love you always—you’re Our Angel who continues to spread love around the world …. 

“It’s all for love – L.O.V.E.”!!!

I LOVE you Michael from the bottom of my heart and MISS you deeply FOREVER. 

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

From Danville, CA

Missing you immensely on this 5th year ~ and understanding more each year just how vast your love was for all of us around the globe!   We unite together now to continue spreading your message of LOVE all around the world.   

Because we know  “It’s all for LOVE" and LOVE heals all of us.


    Thank you for all of your love, compassion, and encouragement...You are such an inspiration to me.  Through your music I have learned how to love in ways I didn't think I could, to have such a deep compassion for others and to care for this planet.  You taught by example.  Not only did you sing or talk about what your heart was feeling, you did something about it. 

You did make this world a better place, and for that I am truly grateful.



You cared from the heart,
Loved from the soul
You gave us your all,
And then yet some more…

5 years doesn’t seem that long and yet a lifetime has passed, how does one explain that? We miss your physical presence but rejoice in your heavenly spirit. Thank you for everything 

Michael, we love you, and always MORE.

In our hearts,
~Petra & Jeanette

˙·٠•●♥ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♥

Michael, we think about you every day, you are with us every day. 

Thank you for everything, from the world! L. O. V. E. lasts forever. 

We miss you...

My beloved Michael I love you For All Time we are one.

From France

Tu es né pour nous enchanter,  nous émerveiller, et nous faire rêver.
Tu nous as transmis les plus belles valeurs de l’humanité :
 empathie, générosité, responsabilité, dignité.
Puissions nous tous suivre le chemin que tu as tracé,
Vers la grandeur et la beauté de ton âme,
Vers tes enfants et ta maman, mes pensées sont tournées,
De deux mois, mon aîné, en toute humilité, je n’ai pour toi que du respect.
Repose en paix, tu l’as tellement mérité.
 MERCI pour tout ce que tu nous as donné
SYLVETTE. France. 24/06/2014.

Michael is the greatest entertainer of all time. He gave millions of people all over the world someone to look up too; he gave people hope. He has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I was raised up on his music. I grew up watching the Moonwalker movie multiple times a day. Every time I saw that beautiful smile of his, it just brought joy into my heart. He was an angel that walked the earth. All he wanted to do was spread the love, peace, and happiness. He did just that. No matter how much the media tried to bring him down, he didn't give up. He did everything for his fans. No one can ever compare to what Michael accomplished. 

He is, and will forever remain, the King Of Pop

From Huntington, WV

Dearest Michael, 

Thank You so much for sharing your life and for always being My Someone In The Dark. I would not even want to imagine what my life would have been like without you in it. I truly believe with all of my heart, I could not have made it through this life without you and I am eternally grateful, I didn't have to try. You changed my life and countless more lives, than you ever realized. I'm so sorry for the treatment you received in this crazy world, you deserved so much more recognition for the amazing, talented, loving, caring, human being you were. I pray you are finally at peace. 

I Love You Most, Always! 

From Cosenza, Italy, Calabria

Thank you Michael

Angel and "heart" of my life

Thank you for your "Magic"

Always in my thoughts

I love so so much

Francesca Pietramala  

From Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Dearest Michael:

Where have the last five years gone?  Seems like only yesterday we learned you had left us.
I think of you every single day.  I loved you then, I love you now, and will love you even more - till the end of my days.  Thank you for what you did to make this world a better place, teaching us that L.O.V.E. is the most important thing.  How much more we need you today.  You will, without a doubt, always be the very biggest influence in my life.  Thank you for inspiring me to be a better person.

I will miss you always  <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Love You More,
Wendy Dalgetty

From Italy

My sweet Michael,

it's been five years without you, and the world is so sad and empty without your beautiful smile,your wonderful music and your Hope for a better world....

The cruel people of this world,avid of money,have taken you away to your children,family and all us.....


Your heart and your message will live forever in our hearts and we will never stop to love you and to do justice to you......

The truth will win, and the vultures in your life and still now will go to Hell.....

My Sweet Sweet Angel, My Beautiful Love,
you rest in Peace,we will continue to fight for you.....
IT'S ALL FOR LOVE.....L.O.V.E.!!!!!!


From México. D.F.

Amado Michael, es un honor para mí entregarte estas 3 rosas en nombre 
de tus hijos Prince, Paris y Blankuet. 

Love never felt so good! 

Myrna Ramos

I love you for what you are
and for who you are making me
I love you for your thoughts,
your words,
your songs,
I love you Michael,
and I`ll never stop.
I´m dreaming about my love
I`m searching teh missing part of my heart.
I think of you
I dream of you
I love
I miss you
I love you most

From Fremont, CA-USA

I love you Michael. You are deeply missed. 

Thank you for all you have given of yourself for us to enjoy and all the lives you have touched and made better.

From the Girls in the Balcony with LOVE.

From Pennsylvania, USA

I love you Michael, today, tomorrow and always. You will never be forgotten. Your presence is felt every day and is as constant as the sun, the moon and the stars. 

With love and gratitude for           all you have done. I am working hard to make you proud.

From the abyss of my soul, I love you.  

Always in my Heart,  
Kathie Kim

From United Kingdom

God gave us memory that we might have roses in December.

Thank you for all the wonderful memories Michael.

Te vagy nekem a zene megtestesülése és általad lettem az aki vagyok! A világot sikerült  szebbé tenned- tetteidel és szavaidal.

 Jó tanácsaidat követni fogom amíg csak élek!Örökkre a szívünkben élsz - szeretünk Timike és Erika

From Cork Ireland

To My Beloved Michael,     

Michael I Love you with every beat of my heart

And this rose to you of which you are a part. 

 You are my hope , in my thoughts ,  my inspiration.

You are here with me in the depths of my imagination. 

Your music still rings loud on every radio and TV 

You are my musical Genius , And i believe 

That you are here and are leaving us a clue

That you are alive and away from those who hurt you 

I Love you so much and you are always in my heart 

And you and i will never be apart 

So for you my sweet Michael this rose i send 
Love Forever, 
 Margaret in Ireland Your Sweetest Friend 

I thank you Michael Jackson for the Love and Joy you have given me  Yesterday, Today, and Forever. 

From Spring, MD, USA


5 Years . . . . . .
It‘s hard to believe it’s been 5 years since you left us
Years spent mourning, crying, grieving, dying, yearning, learning, living, loving
I love you, I miss you, it’s all been said before
What more is there to say?
It has now become, for me, what can I do?
To give love and live love; to make the world a better place
That is my life’s mission; a lesson learned from loving you
Thank you for this incredible gift
Yes, I will always miss you, and there’s no doubt I love you,
You walk with me every minute of every day
And that makes life worth living
5 years will quickly turn into 10
And I hope and pray by then
That love will abound, that there will be no infighting
That your Legacy of Love will reign
To anyone who hears the name Michael Jackson!
Long may you live, my King . . . . long may you live, forever in our hearts!!

Loving you with all that I am, Michael, forever and always
Love, Carol H.

From Hendersonville,NC

My Dearest Michael,                                                                                                                               As we approach year number five, I know even more within my heart you are Alive.

I've followed your clues and researched your fake death.All of it all points to the fact that you've never left.

  Behind the shadows,beyond the scenes.I see your working genius in movies,cartoons,and so many things.

Are you happy I wonder inside and a small part of me sometimes wonders what if you really have died?

  In my heart I know that cannot be,after years of hoax investigation when I see all that's been created by your imagination.

How can it be any other than you,Michael the man? So I continue to follow your clues and your plan.

  Some days I miss you more than others and become quite depressed but I am committed to you Michael and to finding the truth of what really happened on June 25th,of that I am quite obsessed.

  There are too many clues and leads that you continue to leave for all of us to follow.So I work diligently each and everyday to find the truth because we have not the promise of tomorrow.
  I will never give up my hope and what I know deep inside of my heart because I know you are out there somewhere and as a researcher I must play my part.

  Too many clues and coincidences are so and every single day your messages and clues to us just continue to grow.

Through your family,your dearest friends and those you know you can trust.All of this you leave to be found and as a dedicated researcher I have to follow,I must.

  Each year that passes I always have someone place for you just one red rose and even though I know you are not there inside that crypt,it is the only place to pay respect and Love to you that everyone knows.

  So wherever you are on this 5th year.Always know Michael till I take my last breath for you I will always be here.

I love with all of my heart and all that I am and yes Michael Joe Jackson you will forever be for all eternity,The King Of Pop and Michael The Man!

  So with all of my heart I write this poem to you and I promise to always beLIEve forever in you!

Love For All Time,

From Adelaide, South Australia

Dear MJ,
I cannot believe it's been 5 years since leaving this world & earning your wings in Heaven.
Wish you were here. God Bless. Thank you for letting me meet people who you were friends with & people you worked with. 

Through them I feel your spirit is alive within us all. So grateful to briefly meet your brothers in 2012 when they were here in Oz.
I wish I had met you. R.I.P. our Dancing Machine. Your Aussie fan's will always love you & you will never be forgotten.

From New York, U.S.A

Dear Michael,
I miss you each and every day and I hope you can feel the love that your fans and family have for you now and forever. You have profoundly touched my spirit, my soul, my heart, my life and have provided me with the soundtrack of a lifetime and for that and so much more, I thank you! I will always do my part in preserving your legacy. Rest in heavenly peace. Love you forevermore, Michael!
Love always,
Jemair L.

Frome Montréal

I Love you Michael ,I miss you so much . You will always live in my heart.



From The Netherlands. Amsterdam

My Sweet Michael,

Every drop of water in the ocean stands for all the tears we've cried

Every thunderstorm stands for our cries and screams of despair,

But over 15 000 roses stand for our never ending love! 

5 years ago my world collapsed and my heart was broken!
You taught me so much and I will be forever thankfull for that! 
In the words of the great Achilles , i am proud to say i lived in the time of giants....and one of them was you! 

Love Forever,  

From Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-USA

I'd like to talk to you, Michael, about gifts. The gift you were, the gift you continue to be, and the gifts you gave.

Unaware of me as an individual, you were nonetheless willing to give me so much.  I so desperately wish I had been able to do the same for you.  Since that chance has long passed, each day now, I try to give love in your name. 

Because of you, sweet Michael, I am aware of doing, saying, and even thinking "the right thing" more than ever before.  Because of you, I try to love more than I ever did.  Because of you, I remember integrity in responding to every fellow human being.  Because of the injustice you suffered; the dignity with which you endured it; and the sadness that hits when I realize how painful that must have been for such a sensitive soul, I cannot turn my head from need and simply look away without trying to do SOMEthing. The more I know about your work and your resolve, the more I want to do good things on your behalf.

Because of you, there is so much pure joy in my life - the sound of your voice, whether speaking or singing; reading your poignant heartfelt words; just seeing that smile... 

Because of you, I've become connected with strangers a literal world away whom I call friends now.  May we always keep to the L.O.V.E. we've learned from your life. 

At every moment of every day and night, I thank God again and again for having sent you - generous gift ofbeauty that you were - and for allowing me to walk the world at the same time you were here.  From your place in the universe, I hope you understand what "knowing" you means to me; that, stranger though I was to you, I love you as if you were one of my own.  

It's All for Love...L.O.V.E.

Rorie D'Amato

From NRW, Germany

it's almost 5 years, but I am still lost for words. 

You are my inspiration and always in my heart. 

Thank you for changing my life to the better and give so much joy and love to your MJFam.

From Detroit, Michigan-USA

Thank you Michael for gracing us with your magnificent talent, changing our perspectives, and for teaching us to love one another, and heal the world.

From Tunisia

To know who you are...  You are much more... Than ever imagined.

from "Heaven is Here", Dancing the Dream

Thank you for the music and your gift of the dance.

From Tunisia

I keep on dancing and dancing........ and dancing, until there is only........ the dance.

I love you Michael Jackson forever and ever... I love you more!

From USA

A part of you has grown in me and so you see... it's you and me together FOREVER and never apart...  maybe in distance, but never in HEART <3

Thank you for the music and the LOVE you have brought into my life.  We both share the same love for you Michael and all you gave to the world.  Thank you for all the joy I have had these many years, because of the love you gave to us all.  It's all for L.O.V.E!! <3 

'I will forever stand up for you and be by your side.

Speak the truth about you when they try to spread their lies.

Spread your love and share your message.

Show your ways, teach the world a lesson.

Always keep you in my heart, no matter what the situation - I'll never let you part, Michael.'

Love you always,

From Moscow, Russia

Michael, thank you for the world that you gave to us, thank you for the magic which you shared with us.

The most precious gift in life is just to know You.

I miss you endlessly.

Forever in my mind, in my heart, in my life.

I love you,

From Messina Italia

Ti ho tante vite ..tra mille volti che indifferentemente corrono verso la vita ...poi ho incontrato i tuoi occhi... e la mi sono persa per sempre....Dedico la mia vita a te che la rendi unicamente meravigliosa .... Se dovessi vivere di nuovo la mia vita ..MICHAEL ..ti troverei prima per amarti di più.


From Germany

Dear Michael, Your legacy lives on forever!

Love you more <3

You always will stay THE KING OF MUSIC, DANCE and HEARTS MICHAEL !!! <3 <3 <3 ...
I will always LOVE and MISS YOU !!! <3 <3 :( :'( :'( <3 <3


From Italy

Always in our's all for L.O.V.E.

Sending Love from Around the World