Tuesday, April 29, 2014

From Italy

Five years without you, but the pain of your absence is always that strong. 

I miss you Michael, so much.

From San Antonio, TX-USA

Your Legacy and my love for you is forever. 

I miss you, Michael ❤

You are everywhere I look and yet, I so dearly miss you.  

Love always,

From Germany

Dearest Michael,

Thank you for your beautiful love.

I love you so much and you're always in my heart.

From all my heart and with all my love for you. 

Thank you for your being.

From New York

I have loved you for more than half of my life. I have missed you every day of these past five years and will continue to miss you for the rest of my life. There are no words for how much you mean to me. You will always be in my heart. 

Love always,

From Canada

Rest in peace.

From Simi Valley, CA-USA

Thank you Michael for shining your light and sharing your love with the world.  

You are and will continue to inspire me to work hard to make that change to spread love and light energy.   

I think about your impact on the world and what you would do in a given situation; WWMJD?  

As per my sister Denise's message to you, you have inspired us to work with like-minded people to help heal the world and change the narrative of the planet to a more humane and compassionate place.  

Thank you for believing that it's possible to make that change.  

You inspired others to believe the same. I am very grateful and know that you are in the company of many other masters of LOVE and light!    

With great respect and L.O.V.E! 

From England

Dearest angel Michael, 

I can't believe that 5 years have passed since you were taken away from us so cruelly and needlessly.  The time has passed so quickly but no amount of time will heal my heart.  Please know that your fans all around the world are still united in their love for you and we will continue to ensure that your legacy goes on.  Love is always around you Michael and this year especially you will be surrounded by so many beautiful red roses at your resting place, all respresenting how much we miss you and love you.  I thank you for making me the person that I am today where I strive to live by your values despite obstacles that may be put in my way or people who try to bring me down.  I'm much stronger than I ever thought I could be thanks to you.  I'd give anything for you to still be here but until we meet again please watch over me and continue to guide me.  

I love you endlessly, 

From London-United Kingdom

Dear Michael,
These seven roses are simply a token of one fan's love. Thank-you from the bottom of my heart for the past twenty-three years of light and music. Though I miss you, I know you'll forever be part of me, so I will always uphold your message of love, healing and faith.
‘Good-night, sweet prince; And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.’

Saturday, April 26, 2014

From Belgium

You're always in my heart.

From Brazil

56 years ago God sent to Earth one of his most valuable sons.

Without delay and in all simplicity, he was showing his enormous talent and his irreproachable character.

Through his messages and his attitudes of love, he was earning place in the world and invading the hearts of more and more people.

And he became immense, and very, very loved.

Thank you, dear Michael, for all good you gave us, you give us.

You will be present in our lives and our hearts, forever. I love you too much.

From NYC

Dear Michael my love for your full essence is beyond the moon and the stars. My loyalty to you and your legacy… never-ending 

It’s All for L.O.V.E. 

North Carolina-USA


You have inspired so much in my 5 years. From dance, to music, to the love of the planet and all people. 

Thank you Michael, I am so happy my mommie passed her love for you onto me. 

Love you more, 


From Charleston, SC-USA

Your legacy as a great humanitarian, performer and muscian will forever be with us.  We work each day to carry your message to the next generation.

R.I.P - We love you more.

From Ebetsu, Hokkaido-Japan

Dearest Michael,

Thank you for everything.You were such a precious gift for us on this earth...You have done for humanity.
I never met you,I never saw you on stage.But I have always felt a very deep connection with you since I was 11 years old. I am a huge Michael Jackson fan and I'm proud of you.

You may be out of our lives but in our hearts you always will stay...You are very special to me.I love you most...I miss you...



From Gloucester, U.K.


For the world you are someone, but for me you are the world.

My Dear Michael, You Came Into My Life At A  Young And Innocent Age; I Just Keep Loving You More And More Each Day! You Gave Me Your Heart Through Your Music, Dance , Talent, Contribution, And Your Very Present. In Return, I'm Joinin You In Love! "Michael Jackson" I Just Can't Stop Lovin You! You Are My Daytime My Nighttime My World ! 

Michael You Are My Life! Just Want To Say What I Been Want To Say To You Over 4 Decades: "I Love You"💏💘

From São Paulo - Brasil

Michael, you are my inspiration and the star that brightens my life. 

You will live forever inside my heart. I miss you sweetheart.

Love Lives Forever.

With all my L.O.V.E., Maria José (Mary Mjj)

Dear Michael, it's been 5 year and my heart still hurts. I miss you everyday, my life still goes on in a different direction now because you gave me the courage to live my dream. And learn to love and care for others. 

Thank you, my love for you will go on forever and ever. L.O.V.E.

From Neverland, CA

Thank You, Dear MJ. 

Thank you for your music, artistry, humanitarianism and your big heart. You've touched our souls. We love you always and ever-after; and we thank you for your special visits. Hope you enjoy the roses. We planted sunflowers for you too. 

With Love, The Feldbears.

From Sweden

Michael, I loved you yesterday, I love you still, I always have, I always will. 

L.O.V.E Annelie Larsson

Chicago, IL-USA

Thank you Michael for always being a constant inspiration in my life.
Because of you, my sister Kim are I have started our long
journey to help Heal The World. We are trying to surround ourselves
with like minded people, who walk, talk and think with a gentle manner
and spirit, just like you. However, make no mistake in that we are strong in our
focus and intention. It has been five years since your transition, but it feels like
yesterday. I miss your physical and spiritual presence on this planet.  I love you more
and promise to continue to help those without a voice. It is my intention and my

 ((((HUGS)))) Denise Lowum

From Italy

You will be forever my Saving Grace . 

Forever with You.

From Munich-Germany

Nicht nur durch deine Musik wirst du ewig leben; die Lebewesen, die du so tief berührt hast, werden DICH für immer im Herzen behalten. 

 Danke, dass du hier warst.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Thursday, April 17, 2014

From Montgomery, AL-U.S.A.

Dear, sweet, humble,  Michael,

We had you and we lost you. However, your time on this Earth was not in vain. For, you brought many of us joy and happiness that we may not have experienced had it NOT been for YOU. This trouble world won't bother you anymore, but this great mark that you left on the WORLD will continue to shine in it's glory and outshine any darkness that threatens to stand in it's path. 

I miss you and I L.O.V.E. you, with all my heart. 

Rest angel, rest. Lord knows, YOU deserve it."

From Italy

The time has stopped June 25 ......... my love for you Michael always and everywhere ....... even beyond life. 

From De BAYEUX -France

Tu es Amour
Tel un Ange, tu dégages une aura de bonheur,
Ou que tu sois, quoi que tu fasses, tu es présent en moi,
Lorsque tu déploies tes ailes et m’éclaire de ta lumière,
J’éprouve une joie sans pareil quand je t’apperçois.
Tel un soleil, tu illumines tout autour de toi,
Rien ne te résiste,  mon coeur pleure,
Tes yeux étincelant me laisse sans voix,
 Je me laisse doucement envahir par cette chaleur.
Tel une musique, tu es le battement de mon coeur,
Je me laisse bercer par ta voix, si douce et si forte à la fois,
Tes notes montent en force et retombent en douceur,
Tes pas de danse volent vers moi.
Tel un Roi, ta puissance bouscule toutes les lois,
Ton amour sincère et éternel, s’envole tel un pétale de fleur,
Comment la nature a telle créée en une seule fois,
La beauté et l’humanité qui remplit ton humble coeur.
Tu es amour,
Tu es beauté,
Tu es tolérance,
Tu es humanité,
Tu es respect,
Toutes ces valeurs existe sur une et unique personne aussi incroyable qu’elle puisse exister.
Michael Jackson est nait avec toutes ses beautés ,
Qui font de lui un homme tant aimé et vénéré.
Merci Michael de toute cette magie que tu nous a apporté,
Qui illumine mon coeur de toute cette clareté.

From Canada

Michael, in life you were a beautiful beacon of light among the darkness that surround us. 

You cared for everyone and everything to the point of sacrifice to yourself.  In passing, you are a beacon of learning, teaching others how to share their LOVE. 

I will always love you! 

From New Zealand

Miss you Michael...LOVE LIVES FOREVERxxoo

From Tucson, Arizona-USA

It's been 5 years since you left, the world has been dark ever since. I miss your radiant smile and angelic voice. Though you are not physically with us, you are never far. All I have to do is reach inside my heart, for it is there where you reside. You are with me every minute, every second of my days, my heart is eternally yours.  

How can I begin to thank someone who has given me so much ? There aren't enough words, I thank God he has given us such a rare gift. Querido Michael, tu eres la luz en mi vida, el Rey de mi Corazon. Todo mi amor eres tu. 

Dios te bendiga, Simpre Tuya,
Mary Helen Vasquez Luna

From Tuscon, Arizona-USA

Dearest Michael,

I miss you sweetheart. Thank you so much for all you have done and for all you have given. Your fans with their love for you, are continuing your quest to make this world a better place.

I love you, your children and your mother. I pray for their happiness and peace everyday. God Bless you Michael,

Kendal Plank

From Italy

Five years have passed ...my love for You Michael is stronger than ever . I miss You sweet Angel .  

From the deepest of my heart, I will love You forever. 

 We will never forget you, Michael, we love you more.

 Never forgotten, always cherished and remembered.

From S'Hertogenbosch-Netherlands

Thank you for all the love you have shared to the people of the World.

I love you Michael.


From Menasha, Wisconsin-USA

How can it be 5 years since you are gone. I can remember the 1st time I seen you on tv and you did 
the moonwalk. Thinking to myself how amazing you are!

You have such a huge heart who would help children and even people you did not know. That's just the kind of person you are Michael. You were a gift from God.

You and I are both the same age and our birthdays are less then 1 month apart..I feel so close to you even though I never met you.

I type your songs not only for me but for everyone.  Your music has helped me so much. When I'm feeling down your music makes me feel a lot better. "When you want to be close to me listen to my music the love is stored there". ♥
I'll never let you part. You're always in my heart 

From California

Remembering you is easy, I do it every day, but missing you is a heartache that just simply doesn't wish to go away. 

Some people can touch our lives only briefly, while others, such as you Michael, leave lasting impressions and will be never forgotten. 

From Hungary

Dear Michael,
I will always love You.

I miss You so much.

R.I.P. My Angel 

Monday, April 14, 2014

From Boston, MA-USA

So hard to believe it's been five years since you left us.  You will always be in my heart. 

L.OV.E. you and will always miss you!!!

From Denmark

So loved. So missed.

From Breda-Netherlands

 I will always remember you Michael as a kind and loving Person love you.

From Vurna-Bulgaria

Your music will stay alive, and your voice will help generations of people today and tomorrow. 

In times of love and happiness, in times of sorrow and pain, you will always be in people's hearts all over the world. 

I love you, Michael!

From MG-Brazil

Michael I love you forever...

Jane Moreira

From Germany

Lieber Michael,
es gibt keinen Tag, an dem ich nicht an Dich denke. Du fehlst hier so sehr und ich vermisse Dich.
In Liebe,

Sending Love from Around the World