Sunday, June 24, 2012


You are my love, my life, my sun, my heaven ... all that and much more are YOU. You are the light of my life, you're everything to me. 

Thanks for making me so happy and fill my heart with so much love. Thanks for being my angel ... you will live forever in my heart.

Rosa M. Ruiz

Fort Worth, Texas

Dearest Michael,

I'm writing this letter to you from behind wet sniffles and lots of tears. It's taken me so long to share this with you, because there are no words that can fully express the pain I feel due to your Earthly absence. Time has gone by so fast, but in the last three years, there has not been a day that passes that I don't think of you. Michael, you are special beyond measure, and you have always had a special place in my heart...and always will. I can't say it all in these few sentences, but you are the best, and brought out the best in those around you. From my childhood to my adulthood, you have always been there. Thank you for all you've done to make this world a better place. Thank you for your music, thank you for your dreams, and thank you for your spirit that will always live on. I'll love you always! Rest my Love! Goodnight...

Tashawnti Williams Black

Michael..... I'm stuck on your heart, and hang on every word you say...... In your eyes I get lost, I get washed away.... Just as long as I'm here in your arms I could be in no better place...... 

You're simply the best, better than all the rest ♥



You’ve been inspiring me since I was a child. You are always in my heart. 

Love you and miss you.

Dear Michael,

Please, continue to watch over your children: Prince, Paris, Blanket, and us fans. Please continue to stay near.

All my love eternally,
Helen Bean

Memphis, TN

Michael, I grew up alongside you and when you died, a part of me died as well. These roses for you will never come close to showing the real LOVE I have for you. You and your music, your words, changed my life. After listening to MITM, it made me want to become a better person, and thanks to you, I believe I am a better person today. Thank you for your unwavering LOVE for your fans, your music, your words and your dance. You did make this world a better place and your legacy will continue to live on forever.

Always in my heart...Melanie Dacus

The queen of flowers for a King; red rose the flower of love, of passion.
A queen for the King of Pop; he never died he live in eternal green grass where the light shining on the beauty flowers; where peace is always!
One rose for you, my love, my dear for remember forever. 
With L.O.V.E.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Love will last forever and ever. God bless you,Michael!

 Blanca and Alberto

It's hard to believe that it's been three years. Michael you were a great inspiration. Your smile lit up the world. And your eyes were like gazing stars. Since you left there has been a lot of sadness, but I know when you see all these roses from heaven you will smile. And it was an honor to be able to send you a rose.

Your fans,
Pauline and Donna

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada..

Michael Will always enjoy your music - Thank you forever

Gina Clayton and Brandee Oosterveld

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

♥♥♥ My Dearest Michael ♥♥♥ Thank you for teaching me the real meaning of Humility and so very much more ♥♥♥ Thank you for teaching me how to be a better person ♥♥♥ how to live my life with Dignity and Grace ♥♥♥ and the REAL meaning of LOVE - L.O.V.E. 
LOVE ♥♥♥I will try to make you proud in everything I do ♥♥♥ I will carry you with me till the day I die ♥♥♥ 
I Love You Most ♥♥♥
Wendy Dalgetty 

Remembering your legacy of love.


You are dearly missed.

I will never stop loving you.  I named my son after you and when I look at him, I think of you.  You're loving spirit is so strong and always around me!


I will remember you forever! I will love you forever!

Wait for me, I will be there one day. I love you and I miss you.

Michael, love you forever in my life.

I miss you, Michael!

Dear Michael, I love you forever! Wait for me in Heaven!

Dear Michael, we're together forever!

All for love, Michael!

Mackay, Queensland, Australia

Michael Love you more, always.

 Joy Schaper

From Russia With Love - One Rose

To see a World in a Grain of Sand
And a Heaven in a Wild Flower,
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand
And Eternity in an hour...


These roses are in memory of Michael Jackson

Theresa Biggerstaff
Just can't live without you, please, come back or ...  take me with you.

Michael, I will always love you!

We miss you!

With Love,

Moscow, Russia

Dearest Michael,

You are my angel. You are lacking. You're always in my heart,
every day, every hour, every minute, and even more. Our world has lost a
genius and the other as it will not. Thank you, Michael, for your love. 

God bless you, my Michael!  

I love you, I miss you so much.

With Love, 

I am not a great speaker. I am not good with words, but this I know. You touched my heart and made me as well as the world a better place for you having been in it. You are now in the presence God and now rest among the angels. You will forever light the world.
Willie Goldsberry.
If you enter this world knowing that you are loved and you leave knowing the same, then everything that happens in between can be dealt with.
--Michael Jackson

A rose for each sad year you have been gone .This love overwhelms me. x

From Hendersonville,NC (USA)

My Dearest Michael,

Throughout the last 3 years I have taken many paths towards trying to express to you in words how very much you mean to me and how very much you have impacted my life in so many positive ways.Your heart is the heart of an Angel full of the deepest most purest love,concern,and care.You have brought so much love into my heart and the many hearts of others through your works, your songs, your acts of kindness and love and complete devotion and dedication to helping others to make a difference in the world. 

You have shown me that just about anything can be done or accomplished to help another if you just beLIEve and have hope! You have made our world a much more beautiful place and have brought my relationship to Jesus Christ closer than it ever has been before. You have taught me that there is hope in everything through prayer, God and keeping faith in Christ even when things seem hopeless.

I never got the wonderful chance to meet you or even watch you live at a concert, but I feel like I know you as one of my own precious family members for many many years. The love, respect, prayers, and constant care that you have continuously brought and bring to others is the most amazing and unselfish giving and purest love that I have ever seen or known in comparison to God’s works. All of the donations, help, concern, and serious acts of L.O.V.E. that you have brought to and shown to others in any situation of need is an inspiration to all who have known you and have not known you. 

When God created you Michael, He created a most precious, beautiful, and talented being and instilled within you so many special and beautiful gifts that you so lovingly share of yourself. If there has ever been any being that has been more God-like in this world its you, Michael. God blessed you with so many beautiful gifts and talents as well as so many wondrous and amazing spiritual gifts that exist deep within you! Gifts of the deepest love, wisdom, and sincere concern that only are given to the most caring, loving, and truly genuine beings, you.

My heart aches with such pain each and every day that you are away! Never has my heart felt so much pain as the day you left us! People would remark hurtful comments to me asking me how I could hurt so much over a man leaving us that I had never met. But deep within my pain ridden heart I knew that I could never make others understand how I felt and still feel. It was only when I connected with other Michael Jackson fans that I finally found others who could understand my pain. Every day without you is extremely hard and painful. You and Jesus Christ are my heart and soul and will forever be!

So today I write to you with the same pain within myself but with the hope that between myself and other fans, we can continue to spread your message of unconditional love and to continue in keeping your legacy and all that you stand for in place and in effect. So today on this 3rd year anniversary of loosing you please accept this single rose in Love, honor, Peace, and remembrance of all that that is good and all that is you Michael.

I love you from the very bottom of my deepest heart and soul! God Bless You and Keep You Safe. For All Time!

I Love you For All Time! There is no end to my L.O.V.E.for you!

Pamela Ritchey White{MJsMoonGoddess7}

República Argentina

Porque en un mundo lleno de odio, te atreviste a ser osado; Porque en un mundo lleno de cólera, fuiste desafiante; Porque en un mundo lleno de desesperación, de todos modos fuiste un soñador; Porque aún en un mundo lleno de desconfianza, vos seguiste creyendo. Y fundamentalmente porque nos enseñaste a hacerlo a nosotros también, porque gracias a vos sabemos que pase lo que pase podemos ser desafiantes, soñadores, osados y por sobre todas las cosas... nos enseñaste que aún vale la pena creer y que hay mas de un motivo para hacerlo. Porque nos mostraste que el mundo puede ser un lugar mejor si nos hacemos cargo, por el hombre en el espejo... por todo eso y por muchas cosas mas, GRACIAS MICHAEL... GRACIAS... hay un momento en que la palabra Gracias parece no ser suficiente, y sin embargo no hay una mas adecuada. Gracias y ...Te quiero Mas y mas y mas y mas... 




3 years without you has flown by, but I’ve loved you for a lifetime, and that will never change.  You will always own my heart.  My love for you is never ending, and I know your love for me knows no bounds.  You have no idea how much happiness that brings to me every day.  Thank you for all you continue to do for the universe.  You are truly missed, and rejoiced, every day.  I know it doesn’t make sense, it just is.  Enjoy the roses, Michael.

Yours forever and always,
Love, Carol Hodges 



Your L.O.V.E. whispers in the spark of roses
And in the sheen of crystal
Like a sword of light

 R.I.P.  Angel 

I love you forever....
And beyond!

My eternal L.O.V.E.

Verónica - Billie Jean

May every Petal on every Rose be a Kiss floating into eternity for you Michael. You will be forever loved and never forgotten  

I love you For all time.

From The Netherlands

Dear Michael,
Thank you for showing us your beautiful soul.
Forever Your Fan <3

From London, England

You are the moon that glows in my heart" and always will be....

Rest in peace, dear Michael....

Love from Joan Michel

Thank you Michael for your L.O.V.E. and your magical music. These roses are symbols of our endless love. We miss you every day, every hour, every minute, every second, always … With you, our lives are better. You changed our lives. We can’t imagine a life without you. Our angel, we will love you forever … You are not alone … <3

My Angel, My rose face ..
When we every met with your glance, we see excellent something in your eyes
We see a heaven, a heart adorn heaven
We fall in love it glances, hears
When every we look, our heart is find a other meaning, in your rose face.
Your rose face is bright and rosy
These hearts is falls in love, to pearl glances, sincerely a smile
These passions (love meaning), these loves, just for you, just special for you.. Our darling is angel natured..
Hey Our Angel, you are darling, We are adorer
We come to hold your hand, slowly
Berna & Zeren 







From Greece

More than 10.000 roses for you today Michael,
more than 10.000 pieces my heart is broken !!
I miss you so much,I love you the most
Mary K. 

From Long Beach,Ca.

Dearest Michael:
From all your fans around the world,we love and miss you. We wished that you were still here.
Love Always,
Candace B.
I will always love you more and you will live in my heart forever xxx

Dear Michael,

There is no single day i spent without thoughts of You...I miss you a little...i guess you could say, a little too much, a little to often and a little more each day...
Thank You for changing my life!

With eternal love from the bottom of my heart,

I bought my rose today for Michael because he touched my life so much. Michael's memory will always live on in my heart. I think of Michael and listen to his music every day and he brings a smile to my face and brightens my day. I love you so much Michael. I will never forget you. The world lost a great person when we lost you.

R.I.P. Michael.

Much LOVE Deborah Rohlf

Michael, you inspired my life and made me a a better person. I'll always love you and Im always going to remember the time you made my world a better place. Rest In Peace, my dear Michael Jackson.



Your life was cut way to short and the world lost a true angel.  My birthday will never be the same!  I will never be the same!  I miss you every day.  I love you most!

One rose for Prince, Paris, & Blanket.

Peace, Christie

We love and miss you Michael.

Iris & Val x

Bor, Nizhegorodskaya region, Russia

You will always live in my heart.
Thank you for your love Michael.
I love you and miss you very much....

With love, 

Thank you Michael Joseph Jackson for the music, the LOVE and the legacy that remains for your fans and family ~ you are missed beyond measure and loved beyond words!
We miss you MJ! 
Mo Lindley
I miss you so much no words can even begin to describe them.


Sending Love from Around the World