Friday, June 22, 2012

Michael, a man who makes me
Cry and laugh
Happy and sad
Joyful and hurt
Lost and found.

Michael, a man who makes my heart beat slow and fast, at the same time.

A man whose picture I can look over and over, if he is smiling I'll end up smiling with him.
Who makes me want to hurt anyone who slanders his name, but reminds me to love my brothers.
A man who I feel protective over, even though I didn't know him personally.

Michael, a man who I will stand by forever.

Not till death, because even after that I will always be by his side.

Michael, a man who I miss every day that goes by.

Michael, a man who should still be here watching his kids grow. But,

Michael, a man who has become a guardian angel, to not only for his kids, but to his fans.

The world Misses you,

Your fans miss you,
Your extended family (fans who see Michael as their family member) Misses you,
Your family misses you,
Your Kids Miss you,
I miss you, but what eases the pain just a little bit is to know that you are safe now. Safe from situations you didn't deserve and sick people's who should never had been able to reach you. No one can hurt you now.

Even if it tears me to pieces and breaks my heart to say this, its too soon but,

Fly high Peter Pan, Fly high now that you have escaped hook's malice .

With tears in my eyes and a broken heart

I Love You and I Miss You Michael,

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