Thursday, June 21, 2012

From Norway

Dear Michael. 

I am sending you thirty-six roses. A rose for every month since you passed away.
I have not yet had the opportunity to visit you at Forest Lawn. But you are in my thoughts every day and I feel your presence as everyone else who loved you so dearly.

My grief is endless. You were a big part of my life for over thirtyfive years.

When I was five, My father used to play the Jackson 5 in the car, so I knew back then who you were. But I was fifteen and you were twenty when I fell in love with you, and I have loved you ever since.

Over the years I felt your pain and heartfelt sorrow. This world was not ready for you, your independent beliefs and your pure love for all living beings. I hope you are in a better place now and finally rests in peace. Your legacy and messages will affect the world forever. People have just starting to realise what you really are all about. We are many millions who will continue to spread your love and messages trough the world every day for you.

I am very grateful for the two times I got the opportunity to meet with you in person. First time I traveled to Sweeden, (Bad tour in 1988). And  with (Dangerous in 1992) in Norway, I stod right in front of the crowd and I almost fainted.  You were so incredibly sexy, also in an intellectual way, because of your spirit and what you stood for.

The third time with History in 1996 i had to stand outside the arena and just listen, because i had my baby in a stroller.

When you died, a big part of me died with you. But I live on the memories and I feel your presence every day.

 One day I know we will meet again, and till then; thank you for all your love.

Love you more♥♥♥

Your Nina♥♥♥

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