Monday, June 18, 2012

My Dearest Michael,
I can't believe its been 3 years since your passing. I feel like there is no closure to what happened, nor will I ever feel there will be any closure. You were the most caring, beautiful person in the whole world. You were an angel. You are an angel. I just can't believe God took you away from us when so many good things were happening for you. I just really can't describe how I feel right now. This month has been so crazy, 3 years without you. I just can't bare the thought of not thinking about you for 1 second, but 3 years without you has been unbearable. I cry at night because I miss you so much. Nights are the worst. Some people don't understand that you were like part of my family. I've only been a fan for 5 or 6 years, but I feel like you've been part of my life for an eternity. I regret not being a fan earlier. I was young & didn't understand you, but now I know its never too late to understand you. Your music keeps me going everyday without me breaking down. There are some songs that really get to me, but sometimes I know your in a better place now. Away from the grueling schedules, press, & attention. Even though you are the greatest entertainer of all time, I loved how you kept your grounds. No matter how famous you got, you always remembered where you came from. Not many artists do that today. Not many artists are like you & had the heart you had. I just wish you were here. That's all I ever wish for each year when I blow out my birthday candles. You were a great father to 3 beautiful children, who which by the way have grown so much to be like you! All of them have your smile & cheekbones. I'm sure everyday you're looking down upon them & proud of what they've accomplished. I know sometimes you felt like people didn't care about you & wanted to be friends with you because of your wealth, but, Michael so many people cared about you. We, fans don't love you because of your wealth or your big mansions, we love you because of the good heart you had, the inspiring music you wrote, & the great person you were! Never for a second think the world didn't care about you, because WE ALL DID & STILL DO. Never think you weren't beautiful enough for anybody because you were. Never think you weren't good enough for anybody because you were. Michael, the world misses you. We have been there through your ups & downs, success, & trials. Never for a second think we didn't love you or we didn't care because we did & we always will. We MJ fans are the most loyal, dedicated fans out there. We will always be here to care, love, & continue your legacy. No one will ever take your place as King of Pop because no one will ever have the heart & talent you had. As hard as it will be on June 25th for not only me, but millions upon millions of people, I know you are looking down upon us & smiling. No one will ever hurt you ever again. Iloveyou & keep moonwalking.
Katie xoxoxoxo

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