Friday, June 22, 2012

From Hendersonville,NC (USA)

My Dearest Michael,

Throughout the last 3 years I have taken many paths towards trying to express to you in words how very much you mean to me and how very much you have impacted my life in so many positive ways.Your heart is the heart of an Angel full of the deepest most purest love,concern,and care.You have brought so much love into my heart and the many hearts of others through your works, your songs, your acts of kindness and love and complete devotion and dedication to helping others to make a difference in the world. 

You have shown me that just about anything can be done or accomplished to help another if you just beLIEve and have hope! You have made our world a much more beautiful place and have brought my relationship to Jesus Christ closer than it ever has been before. You have taught me that there is hope in everything through prayer, God and keeping faith in Christ even when things seem hopeless.

I never got the wonderful chance to meet you or even watch you live at a concert, but I feel like I know you as one of my own precious family members for many many years. The love, respect, prayers, and constant care that you have continuously brought and bring to others is the most amazing and unselfish giving and purest love that I have ever seen or known in comparison to God’s works. All of the donations, help, concern, and serious acts of L.O.V.E. that you have brought to and shown to others in any situation of need is an inspiration to all who have known you and have not known you. 

When God created you Michael, He created a most precious, beautiful, and talented being and instilled within you so many special and beautiful gifts that you so lovingly share of yourself. If there has ever been any being that has been more God-like in this world its you, Michael. God blessed you with so many beautiful gifts and talents as well as so many wondrous and amazing spiritual gifts that exist deep within you! Gifts of the deepest love, wisdom, and sincere concern that only are given to the most caring, loving, and truly genuine beings, you.

My heart aches with such pain each and every day that you are away! Never has my heart felt so much pain as the day you left us! People would remark hurtful comments to me asking me how I could hurt so much over a man leaving us that I had never met. But deep within my pain ridden heart I knew that I could never make others understand how I felt and still feel. It was only when I connected with other Michael Jackson fans that I finally found others who could understand my pain. Every day without you is extremely hard and painful. You and Jesus Christ are my heart and soul and will forever be!

So today I write to you with the same pain within myself but with the hope that between myself and other fans, we can continue to spread your message of unconditional love and to continue in keeping your legacy and all that you stand for in place and in effect. So today on this 3rd year anniversary of loosing you please accept this single rose in Love, honor, Peace, and remembrance of all that that is good and all that is you Michael.

I love you from the very bottom of my deepest heart and soul! God Bless You and Keep You Safe. For All Time!

I Love you For All Time! There is no end to my L.O.V.E.for you!

Pamela Ritchey White{MJsMoonGoddess7}

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