Tuesday, June 24, 2014

From Hendersonville,NC

My Dearest Michael,                                                                                                                               As we approach year number five, I know even more within my heart you are Alive.

I've followed your clues and researched your fake death.All of it all points to the fact that you've never left.

  Behind the shadows,beyond the scenes.I see your working genius in movies,cartoons,and so many things.

Are you happy I wonder inside and a small part of me sometimes wonders what if you really have died?

  In my heart I know that cannot be,after years of hoax investigation when I see all that's been created by your imagination.

How can it be any other than you,Michael the man? So I continue to follow your clues and your plan.

  Some days I miss you more than others and become quite depressed but I am committed to you Michael and to finding the truth of what really happened on June 25th,of that I am quite obsessed.

  There are too many clues and leads that you continue to leave for all of us to follow.So I work diligently each and everyday to find the truth because we have not the promise of tomorrow.
  I will never give up my hope and what I know deep inside of my heart because I know you are out there somewhere and as a researcher I must play my part.

  Too many clues and coincidences are so and every single day your messages and clues to us just continue to grow.

Through your family,your dearest friends and those you know you can trust.All of this you leave to be found and as a dedicated researcher I have to follow,I must.

  Each year that passes I always have someone place for you just one red rose and even though I know you are not there inside that crypt,it is the only place to pay respect and Love to you that everyone knows.

  So wherever you are on this 5th year.Always know Michael till I take my last breath for you I will always be here.

I love with all of my heart and all that I am and yes Michael Joe Jackson you will forever be for all eternity,The King Of Pop and Michael The Man!

  So with all of my heart I write this poem to you and I promise to always beLIEve forever in you!

Love For All Time,

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