Wednesday, March 14, 2012

From Holland

I found myself on the day I found you. I believe we all have one true love and for me its you. I found a home..I found the father I never had in my life...I found happiness...I found myself on the day I found you..I found the love I never had in my life. You took the pain of my childhood away. You showed me that I can trust a man.You showed me the woman inside me.You showed me to smile without tears in my eyes.

I found myself on the day I found you...but on June 25, 2009...I lost myself on the day I lost you.

I miss you. The tears I cry are the words my heart can't say. Your music will live on forever, but its only your voice on a CD. The man is gone to soon..its the man I the man behind the artist Michael Jackson. Thank you for saving my life because if I had not found you I would have killed myself years ago because of all the pain inside me you saved me.

Thank you for the pizza you give to your fans outside the Hempel Hotel in London 2006 . I'll never forget it ...thank you for everything, but I will never say goodbye..I say to you, see you in Heaven.

Much love,
Natascha Hoogland

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