Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Welcome Esteemed Members of One Rose for Michael J. Jackson

Our rose event for Michael's anniversary at Forest Lawn has officially begun and Robyn and I are pleased to announce some exciting changes we've made to this year's event!

First and foremost we'd like to thank each and every member of One Rose for Michael J. Jackson for their loyalty and support and for continuing with us on this journey to continue to honor Our Beloved Michael's memory and legacy.  Given the circumstances this group has had to face, we understand the difficulty some may have in placing their trust in their fellow MJ fans, but we assure you, your trust will not be betrayed nor will it be misplaced with us. As long as we all hold each other's hands and let love guide us, we will produce many great accomplishments in Michael's name and loving memory.

Those of you who are returning members may recall that in the past contributions for Michael's roses were collected thru Sofie's paypal account, but this year, Robyn has made arrangements and the rose growers have opened a paypal account. Members will now make their purchases for Michael's roses directly from the rose grower's themselves via their paypal account. The middle man, so to speak has been eliminated to give members the confidence that funds arrive where they are due.

In addition to this change, we've also found a new way for members to send their loving messages with the purchase of their roses. This page is dedicated as a Memorial Page for OneRose4MJJ's members to leave their messages to Michael. Once a member purchases a rose(s), you will be able to submit a message to the page. The sky is the limit. Poems, song lyrics, stories, memories, anything you'd like to leave as a message for Michael can be submitted thru OneRose4MJJ's email and your message will be placed on this site.

I'm delighted to also inform our members that as a token of gratitude, I have created Rose 'badges' for our members who purchase roses for Michael. Your badge will be posted beneath your message on the memorial page and emailed to you as well. They will have our logo and your name. These badges are for you to have as a keepsake and you will be able to use them how ever you'd like.

Note: Names may be added vertically or horizontally at Sponsor's discretion.

 As we send our major love to our beloved Michael from all over the world, let's voice, one heart, one rose...its ALL for L.O.V.E!

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  1. Dear Michael,

    Already 3 years since you left us...
    Not a day goes by without thinking of yoy, listening to your music and remembering how loving and extraordinary talented you were !!
    Missing you forever, till the day i will see you again !


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