Friday, June 21, 2013

From Belfast, Northern Ireland

Hi Michael,
I'm a massive Irish fan & I'm sending this message to you as I can't afford a Rose. I can't believe that you are gone 4 years now. My heart still breaks known that your not here. I still wonder why you had to go & leave us. You didn't even say goodbye. It still hurts, When you left, a massive part of me left with you. When I listen to your music I cry, known that we won't see you again. This may sound selfish, but I'd give anything for you to be back here right now. I know you wouldn't want me to be upset, but you don't realise how much it hurts. I'd always dreamed of seeing you in concert & when I was offered to go & see you, I was soo excited known that my dream was going to come true. I hope that wherever you are, your happy & safe. It's still really hard to believe that your actually gone. I know that I'll finally get to meet you someday soon.
You'll always be in my heart forever until I draw my last breath. I'll never stop supporting you no matter what anyone says.
I'll always make sure that I will keeping spreading the word L.O.V.E.
R.I.P Michael 4 years gone, L.O.V.E you for eternity.
Lot's of love from your biggest Irish fan from Belfast, Northern Ireland.
Naomi Marley


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