Monday, June 24, 2013

From Maryland-USA


Riding along the brilliant ray of sparkling sunlight,
Resonating in the sweeping melodic song of the birds,
Caressing ivory planes of  ivory sand and soft dunes of saffron desserts alike.
Erupting in the brilliant laughter of a child
Or flooding the soft cheeks of the broken lover.
Eternity- a vast span of time to be missed
An infinite range to assemble back into the divine kaleidoscope of music and color.
In the blink of an eye we were dazzled.
In the blink of an eye we thought you lost. 
As I close my eyes and see being colors, 
Shut out the noise and listen beyond waves of sound
Eternity is revealed
As you soar free in immutable glory,
For eternity. 

-Missing you for eternity, and eternally grateful for all you gave. 


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