Saturday, June 7, 2014

My Dear Michael, there is not one day that has passed since that dreadful day of your passing, that I have not thought of you. I miss you so and it hurts my heart that you are not physically on this planet. However, my heart is warmed when I know that when you were physically here, you change the World. You are a Genius and the most kind and incredible human being that has ever lived. You gave me hope and you still do. Your music keeps me so connected to you and your lyrics allow me I get to know you and myself better as each day passes; something new seems to always be revealed to me.  

So Michael, your presence is strong and I know that you ARE here in spirit. 

As you said, "It's All For L-O-V-E".

Your friend for all eternity,
Tonya Dyson Walters

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