Saturday, June 7, 2014

From Texas-USA

Dearest Michael,
            It’s so hard to believe that 5 years have passed. I recently got your newest CD “Xscape” and you still sound fantastic. I grew up listening to you on the radio and always thought it was neat to be the same age. I’m writing this because I miss you so much that I wrote and copyrighted a song to celebrate how I feel about you and your music. Here is the first verse:
Michael’s Lost Song ©
By Cynthia M Peterson

“His smile was a work of art, as
His music spoke to my heart.
His eyes will always shine,  Walking though my mind,  and
His feet danced through my soul, But will never grow old.”

As you can see, you were something really special to me. I hope someday to visit your resting place on the day the roses are delivered. I can only imagine that awesome sight and hope to get a picture which I would treasure forever as I do your memory. In the meantime I will continue, "the dance”.

Love from
Cynthia Peterson

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