Tuesday, June 10, 2014

From Ontario, Canada

Beloved Michael,
I loved you when I was a child, a young woman and now, still, in my mid-life.

I was blessed to see you one night in person when our paths crossed ... a moment I will never forget.

Now, I think about you and I miss you everyday.

Why? You were only human as you repeatedly told us.

You make us feel things that only God and the Angels can understand.

The glow of the divine essence within you still shines here and lives on through your music, your voice, your dance, your beauty.

Just like you always dreamed it would.

Thank you for the lifetime of your work and sacrifice, your compassionate efforts and loving generosity...everything you did and gave from your heart and soul to try and help heal the world, make things better, comfort the sick and the weak, listen to the voiceless and forgotten, shine light upon injustice, corruption and destruction of our planet and its people.

The wisdom in your words and the message in your song will be heard for generations to come to inspire change and healing.

Forgive us dear Michael for the pain, the suffering, the cruelty, the loneliness and the innumerable betrayals that you endured for so long.

I didn't know what they were doing to you all those years.  I feel like I let you down. The world let you down.

I'm so sorry.
I pray that you can see how much you are loved.  You continue to move spirits and touch the hearts and souls of millions.

Your goodness and your truth will prevail for all time.

You are free to fly and dance in the heavens above, beyond the Stars and the Moon.

I see you and I feel you everywhere.  

God Bless your precious children, Prince, Paris and Blanket and that you are with them, guiding and protecting.

I pray Michael that you have found the ultimate L.O.V.E. and Peace as you sleep eternal in the arms of Angels.
With all my love and heartfelt gratitude,

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