Wednesday, June 18, 2014

From Leeds-UK

Dearest Michael, you said "see u in July" about 5 yrs ago. Still waiting with my aching heart and tears in my eyes. It's hard being left. (...) 

It's hard to be the one who stays behind. To feel myself near you, I listen to your music 24/7. You won't believe Michael, the only English music I listen to, is just your songs.Your untimely and unexpected death has crushed my heart, my soul so badly that it can never be healed. This stupid world doesn't know, what they've lost. I've never read or believed what others say about you. I don't need to. I Know my Michael and I see only truth and innocence in your eyes. I believe in you. You are more than dust and bones. You are holy spirit and power and image of God. Sweetheart, may God bless your soul with all the peace. I want you to be happy wherever you are. You r always in my heart and will be forever. Miss you every moment . Thank you for all the love and care. With tears in my eyes, I would just say that:
 "You never say goodbye   someone tell me why   Did you have to go and   leave my world so cold   You are not alone   I am here with you  Though you're far apart  You're always in my heart"
It was a great honour to have you on this earth.  You were the 'The best human' and 'The greatest entertainer' of all, ever born on this planet. I am so proud to be your fan and I am always with you through your thick and thin. 

Lots of love from Jass. Xx

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