Monday, June 9, 2014

From Germany

I wholeheartedly   and   LOVINGLY dedicate this   poem to MICHAEL,  who  impacted my  life from day one of  1970.  I  consider him  my  kid  brother  right  from  the  very  start...
Whenever I  gaze  upon  the  clear blue  sky
I  think of  you....
I  know how  much  you  love  it dear
This very  moment  is`s clear
Magic is  you  it`s just  right
I grope the wind its  warmth upon my face
You  are  here
Eventho`I  couldn`t  see you ... I  can  feel
I  am  still  hoping  to  see a  Rainbow
How I  wish  you`re  moonwalking  up  and down
Its  color   represents  your  life
Beautiful....magnified.....A heart  of a  child
I  will  sing the  songs you  left  behind
The  melodies  caressed  my  heart
Just  like  the   flowers  in Springtime
I`m  missing  the  glow  your  light    
Oh  Angel  of  Love
You  are  so  close  within the  core
now  and   forevermore
To  thee I  pray...  Love lives  on...

Love  you most   for  all  time

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  1. Thanks from my heart @OneRose4MJJ Team for a Job well done and for your sincerity and dedication to our Loving Michael.

    In the year 2011 on June 25, I was at Forest lawn for the very first time and experienced and saw the magical Red Roses lined at the pathway of Holly Terrace..i was blown away! since then I am a part of this Tradition..remmebering Michael..
    at least a Piece of my heart is there...with your help...

    May God Bless you all
    as Michael had written...

    "As Long as Love is in my heart....It`s everywhere"

    Love for all time
    Mari Heart


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