Saturday, May 4, 2013

San Diego, California USA

A day doesn't go by that you, Michael are not thought of by us fans. Internally the air is filled with your angelic voice...that is compelling to be heard above all else. It's influences raises above it all and stops you. It doesn't matter where you are when it happens, it can be in a grocery store, a mall, even a dentist chair.  A friend could be speaking to you and out of the blue your voice transcends down, your ears perk up to the sound of you and suddenly all the surrounding noise falls somewhat silent, allowing your voice to be heard.  Your body begins to feel the love that is being sent from the music into you and suddenly, you smile, become one with the music ...once again and remember all the good times you gave us all. You're my daytime, my night time, you are our world...Michael 

Name and Location:

Maggie De-Faria

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