Saturday, May 4, 2013

From The Netherlands

There's a chilling wound upon our soul, a friend has sailed away.
Why the Lord would choose this path, no one can really say.

A man of peace and gentle love, who beat a different drum.
A man of hope and silent fears, with many dreams to come.

A prince of joy who took great pride, in sharing all he had.
A king of song with fragile looks, that often made him sad.

There's a chilling wound upon our soul, a King has sailed away.
A man of faith and humble birth, who lived for every day.

Michael was a silent man, but his heart was full of love.
He walked a lone and different path, he was gentle as a dove.

We'll miss his songs and happy cheer, as the days and years go by.
But his fame and gentle smile, will never wane or die.

There's a chilling wound upon our soul, since Michael sailed away.
But share your love and smile a lot, that is what he'd say.

Michael had a lasting dream, when he sailed with Peter Pan.
That is where you'll find him now, in a place called... Neverland.

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