Monday, May 27, 2013

From Brooklyn, New York, USA

Dearest Michael,

I write this message of love and gratitude with tears in my eyes.  These humble words cannot possibly express how much I miss you. I believe when you left you took a tiny part of my heart with you, so whatever happens Michael,  we are connected forever. I thank GOD that you are safe and in HIS loving embrace.
Michael, I’ve cried for you for these past years and I know I will cry  for years to come. But I’ve also celebrated your kind and giving heart, your courage,  your music, your grace and your everlasting beauty.  I thank you Michael  for sharing your God given talents with me and the entire world. God Bless your  family and especially your children, and may God continue to strengthen and protect your loving fans all around the world. 
With my deepest respect. 

Your Soldier of Love, 

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