Friday, May 10, 2013

From Finland

"You never said goodbye, someone tell me why, did you have to go and leave my world so cold..."

Nothing's gonna change my love for you Michael. I love everything about you. You're my hero, my dream, my inspiration, my king, my moon, my sun, my world, my god and my everything. I need, love and miss you more than I can say. You have changed my life totally. You inspired me, no matter what I do. You taught me to be a better person, you taught to Keep The Faith. You are my faith, I believe in you. When I'm sad, you make me happy and smile. You make me feel Speechless with your beautiful personality, heart, eyes, hair, nose, lips, face, hands, feet, fingers and everything. No one can be as perfect as you are. I totally adore your voice, lyrics, songs, music, dance, videos, fashion and all of your magical art. You will live forever in my heart and memories. 

Whatever Happens, whatever someone say or do, I will always worship, defend and L.O.V.E. you, Michael. 

You Are Not Alone, I'm with you forever. 
 -Iida, MJ-fan 

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