Friday, March 29, 2013

Montreal, Canada

My sweet, sweet angel, my beloved Michael… already 4 years without you in this physical realm, and I still cannot believe it, get over it, but yet I know you are still here.  I’ve loved you forever and I always will. You are always present here with me.  My heart and soul will always be yours. Although you are now absent in this material world, you are spiritually very present to me, you know that. 

You help me thru my struggles each and every day and night.  You inspire me and keep me striving to become a better person. Thank you for all you’ve shown me and keep showing me every day. 

You are my very Best of Joy. Thank you for the love, the music and the legacy you’ve left for this world. 

You did make this world a better place and there will never be anybody else like you, ever, period. 

Forever yours and forever in my heart, 
Gi xoxoxo ♥♥♥


  1. Michael,
    I will forever be counting backwards from June 25, 2009. It is an honor to take part in bringing you a red rose on the anniversary of your leaving this physical world. Rest in Peace our King of Pop, Rock, Soul and LOVE. You will be missed For All Time. Thank you for the gifts of music, love, inspiration and creativity you gave globally and so selflessly. You were and still are a never ending example of how to live life to the fullest... always showing the world the meaning of the true character of LOVE, diligence, and honest hard work and dedication to strive for your dreams. You have changed my life forever... for the better. I will be missing you forever. Enjoy your peace for all eternity for now you have finally found your forever bliss.

    LOVE & Blessings,

  2. I miss my King......

  3. Michael, you hold a special place in my heart and you always will... forever. I love you more!

    Brenda McDonald

  4. Thank You for the music! You are so much important to me.

  5. Michael,

    you were such a wonderful soul! An angel on this earth. You did so much for so many just because you wanted to help make this world better. You were the savior for all the world's children. I love you now and forever with all my heart. I miss you every single moment of everyday. I pray you are at peace, and are away from all the pain you were put through here on earth. Now you are in heaven, dancing and singing with the angels! I wish you were still here, my heart has a piece missing now. Thank you for all you did on your short time here!

  6. You'll always have a special place in my heart. I love you Michael!!


  7. Think of you every day .... love you more


  8. I love you more! Thank you for the music.Aurora.

  9. Thanks to you Michael, my heart is filled with L*O*V*E* and a need to help the children in the world in your name.

    Your love is magical, that's how I feel
    But in your presence I am lost for words
    Words like, "I love you"

    Christine Walldén, Sweden


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