Friday, March 29, 2013

Dear Michael,

There are always times in life, when you have to summon the courage to  stand up and speak the truth about what you believe in. 

It is that search for the truth, that defines all of us.

Your truth was evident , for all those who chose to listen with their heart. 

Your truth was about love..... plain and simple.

It is because of your courage to speak your truth, I am inspired every day.

Because of  your courage, I am inspired to make a difference in this world, be a better person , be a better friend.

You faced many obstacles, yet you never lost sight of what was most important. To treat everyone with respect and dignity and LOVE.

For me, that will always be your greatest life lesson and yes, your legacy.

Alot of people, have plenty of opinions on the man - Michael Jackson. But here, is the truth, as I know it. Michael Jackson was a man who dared to make a difference, to respect his fellow man and to love the planet .  And no one can take that away from you.

I will always miss you and I will always have you in my heart.


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