Monday, April 8, 2013

Dear Michael I miss you so much ... I thought that in time will be easier, but the pain does not go away. Each year, more severe than the previous one. I would give anything in the world for the opportunity to return your ... You are the most precious thing I have! My heart is torn apart when I hear about people who hurt your children and family. At such moments, I'd like to help, but I do not know what and how to do this ...  I hope that everyone who was involved in the disappearance of your will be punished! I hope that a miracle will happen and you to will somehow miraculously unhurt! My dream is to take you by the hand! My dream is to tell you how much you mean to me! I love you Michael! Every day I pray for you and your family! Mentally, I am always with you, my beautiful man with sweet chocolate eyes and a delightful smile!

Forever yours Elena, Rostov-on-Don

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