Sunday, May 13, 2012

My Dear Sweet Michael,  I loved you as a teenager, singing along with your songs on my 1st dates.  Those boys have come & gone, but you have always remained in my heart.

You will be remembered for being an amazing artist & a great humanitarian.  You were so unique, no one could ever take your place.  You have left a void in so many lives.  I love how you brought new friends together from all parts of the world, it's truly amazing and so heartwarming.  No one ever before has brought the world together like you have for love and humanity.

I thank you Michael for your beautiful & meaningful music.  I can't go a day without hearing  your voice or watch you dance.  Just seeing your beautiful smile can make me cry or make my day!

We fought hard for your justice, we will continue to fight for your legacy.  <3
Rest in peace my sweet Angel...Michael, how you have enriched my life, I love you so much more!!    

It's all for love....L.O.V.E.

You give me Butterflys,  ♥♥ = 7
Karen Jackson @--)-----

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