Sunday, May 13, 2012

Michael...Unfortunately I don`t have a magic  wand to fulfill your any wish and make your life merry and happy. I don`t have anything special to offer you. I feel just my deepest ocean and winder then the whale universe. Wherever you were I want you to know that you will be in my heart forever and in every beat of my heart will sound your name. My soul will always dream about you and my eyes will seek after you everywhere until they are able to see. And what more – I would like to tell my thanks to you. 

Thank you for your expressive eyes and kindness and tenderness I can see in your look. Thank you for your lovely smile, which warms me even during the most severe frost. Thank you for your kindness and  help, for your desire to change our world for your ability not to be indifferent even it doesn`t do good for you. That is exactly why I love you. And I will love you for ages.

Elena, Rostov-on-Don

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