Monday, May 28, 2012

Dearest Michael!

I miss you more than words can even express. Three years were not enough to dry my tears. The world is a lonely place without you Michael. I thank you for all the happiness you brought to my life. Loving you is the greatest joy of my life. And the greatest pain. I am sending you a roses as symbol of my love.

 I thank you Michael for your beautiful and meaningful music. Your music heals my wounded heart. I thank you for the dances. I can't go a day without hearing your voice or watch you dance. You always will be missed!!! I miss your beautiful smile. Thank you for everything! I hope you feel all my love for you...

I pray for you and think of you every day and I'll do this forever. You're always there and always will be part of my life. My love will never fade away, You´ll always be in my heart. You have been my biggest inspiration not only as an artist, but as a human being... I miss you with all my heart and I love you so much!!!

God bless you...


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