Tuesday, May 22, 2012

From Germany

Ever dearest Michael, 
I wish from God that you come down from heaven and dance with me
Climb the Giving Tree and to play with you the Water baloon fights!
I wish to thank you for what you did in this world. for your boundless LOVE,
For touching my life and being a Great Inspiration....since my Teenhood.
As I miss you with sadness..sending you my heart to heaven
♥♥♥I know you are not in pain anymore but JOY and in  serenity of Peace with GOD.
I`m blessed that I was there in LA last year...and felt your energy ... spirit....and MAGIC!
You are,,,,,just One and Only.
For all time, For always, Forever you.
With my fervent prayers
Mari Heart

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  1. My Special Angel I love you with all my heart. More and more each day. You are my hero and my inspiration.



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