Saturday, June 25, 2016

Our struggle/battle about the personality of the greatest historical human of the era that is Michael Jackson, with the imperialism is to disclose the lies of imperialism, and it wants us, in our specific and explicit path, to lead to false propaganda and Eclecticism, that demonstrates the insanity of imperialism about the personality of Michael Jackson.
This ideological struggle of ours, in Gorky's novel "The Mother", he portrays the representatives of the working class observed this subject that an individual worker not only sacrifices for the injustice of social organization but as a historical figure, true struggle against unjust life of his time.
V.I. Lenin after reading the novel manuscript wrote "This book is necessary - Most of the workers unconsciously and spontaneously participated in revolutionary movement and now they by reading the work "The Mother" obtain abundant benefit. The book is very timely."

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