Saturday, June 25, 2016

Hi there Michael,
Thank you for being everything you have done, from helping the people of the world and attempting to heal our world to making me a better person.
You taught me to love, it's the answer to all that I am.
You made people of the world happy and you made them feel loved.

Most of this all you are the one that kept me going.
You showed me how strong a person can be and how to smile even tho you're hurt.

I am sorry that we took you for granted,
and some people still do...
I'm so so sorry, But know what? I won't let them get in between us.
Even tho I'm surround by hate and misjustice even tho people try to pull me away from you...

I love you, Michael,
& when I feel my hand slipping from yours, I will hold on thighter <3

Much Love,

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