Friday, May 27, 2016

From Ireland

Dear Michael,

This is bound to be a special year for you, seven years in the spirit world, and I hope you are feeling the happiest, healthiest and most loved you have ever felt. You must be continuing to make wonderful new music all the time, and no doubt having a great time working together with lots of your own favourite musicians who are there with you! I am still discovering more of your legacy of music and dance not encountered before, and want to thank you again for all that you have left us, through your incredibly hard work lifelong. You left the world so greatly enriched.

I know you will always have stayed very close to your family, and that you will know, in particular, exactly where your children are, and how they are doing. I am sure you are very relieved that Paris is now coping so well and seems so much happier, and I know you must be extremely proud of her, Prince and Bigi.

I will be thinking of you especially on June 25th, and my roses will be there among the many, as messengers of my deep love and respect.

Barbara x

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