Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Michael, you changed the world of music with your genius, you knew talent and how to give love and how to dance and sing and make a joyful noise for the world to hear and see.  I do not believe for a minute, that you were anything more than a compassionate, caring, and giving man.  Michael, I understand you never did have a childhood, or for that matter, many of the simple things that we take for granted every day. Money does not necessarily bring happiness. 

But, Michael, you held love, compassion and empathy for the world.  "We are the World." Never were there truer words.  I grew up with MJ,  my very first 45 inch single was ABC (which I still have today) and that was the beginning of your career that would never unfold. I have been a member of the Michael Jackson Fan Club and remained a member after getting married 28 years ago!  Your kind words, smile and your touch when I met you in 1987 will remain in my heart forever, no matter how brief this encounter was. My love for Michael has never faded, only became stronger with each passing day. I will never forget Michael the 'one gloved wonder' for there is no one that would ever steal his 'Thunder' especially from this lady from 'Downunder'.

Michael remains in Heavens embrace, where Angels soar to his heavenly songs which are now theirs to hear. Now when I look up in the sky .... I see your star shine so bright, a prominent burst of brilliant light lets us know your here for us in your eternal life. Through your fans and charities, we will never forget the kindness and love you share.

Love you and miss you every second of the day and night,

Michael Jackson Fan Forever.

Love you,
Josephine xxoo

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